Performing and Recycling During the 30A Songwriter’s Festival

Performing at 30A Songwriter's Festival w/ Wildlife Specials

Had a great weekend for the 30A Songwriter’s Festival, as the weather was excellent and I had the opportunity to perform twice to two great crowds! Saw many out-of-town friends, met many more, and got to see several inspiring performances. I even squeezed some time in for recycling at a few of the outdoor venues. Next year, I hope to expand on that, and hopefully sponsor in some way.. Mark your calendars, as I’m sure the festival will be growing and growing! Looking forward to a great Spring now! See y’all around.. JMT

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Friday Nov. 15 is America Recycles Day!

Take the pledge to recycle!

Sign up with Blu-Binz today to recycle in SoWal!

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It seems like Winter passed us by very quickly again this year. If you could call it Winter, really. Which is just fine with us! The Sun is coming back out, the fish are biting, and the Spring Breakers are here.. Hooray!

We took a great trip to Costa Rica in February, a beautiful, peaceful country with a very evolved ecological mindset. I have to say that it is a bit disconcerting to see tiny, rural, and let’s face it, much poorer beach towns and villages with dedicated recycling programs, knowing how far behind we are all over the USA.  Including right here in South Walton. But we can change, and I believe it’s just a matter of awareness. We are already seeing the signs… Has everyone seen the new recycling bins and solar trash compactors at some of the beach accesses like Ed Walline? Pretty cool, huh?


We wish you all a great Equinox and a great Beach Season! Let’s get some of you signed up for Blu-Binz, and get recycling!

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures from Costa Rica!

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Long, Hot Summer Night

Actually, the Summer has flown by here at Blu-Binz! There have been a few Long, Hot Summer Nights though. We got cranked up on the 1st of May, and it seems like we are about a month down the road. But the traffic has eased a bit, the pace is a bit slower, and so begins one of my favorite times of the year. Every year, there seems to be one day where I wake up and feel the first hint of Autumn, and its one of my favorite days all year. I haven’t felt it yet, but it’s coming soon I can tell. Football every weekend and many gigs to be played as well. This was a very memorable Summer for me, working really hard on this new recycling venture and playing hard every weekend.. It’s as busy as I’ve ever been, and I like it that way. With the help of all my customers, we have helped recycle approximately 2 tons of materials this Summer! I have learned a lot, met a lot of good people, and can’t wait to continue this operation as long as my services are needed. One thing is for sure, though.. There is Curbside Recycling in South Walton County! So here is some Jimi, just for fun!

A special thanks to everyone who has helped me out.. you know who you are!

And especially to the good people at the Walton County recycling center, who work very hard to assist me in this venture!

See you all this Fall!  JMT  B-B


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Blu-Binz rocked the Seaside 4th of July Parade on Monday.. And took home 3rd place overall!! Not too shabby if I say so myself! Thanks to all of my customers and parade crew! See y’all next year!

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So this is the last day of our first month of business.. We are now serving customers from one end of 30A to the other, Santa Rosa Beach, Pt.Washington, even Mack Bayou. We volunteered our service all weekend at ArtsQuest, recycling several hundred gallons there. Had a great interview and article on, and we are receiving new service requests steadily. We’ve helped recycle over 2000 gallons of glass,plastic,cardboard,aluminum,paper, etc. We even picked up some loads of clothing and drove that to Alabama for donation for tornado victims. I think that’s a hell of a start! Well done South Walton, let’s keep it going and spread the word! JMT B-B

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It is funny sometimes how like-minded individuals seem to find each other one way or another. When I first started visualizing the concept of Blu-Binz, one of my ground rules, so to speak, was that I would tap into the rich, talent-filled pool of locals to help turn my vision into a reality. This area is chock-full of very talented people who all seem to support each other in one way or another. It only makes sense to reach out to those in your own community, knowing that what comes around goes around. So I gave a call to Aaron Sutton, the man behind Pure White Designs. We had never met, but after our first phone conversation I felt like he was the man to help me out. Turns out I was right. We met up and it was an instant collaboration of ideas and concepts. Along with being an excellent design and web guru, Aaron is a Musician, Artist, Surfer and all-around good guy. When you see the cool Blu-Binz logos around town, or this funky web-site, you see a collaboration between Pure White and Blu-Binz. And we are not done yet! We are working with Pure White on many ideas such as creating a Greener office space, which you can find info on at Pure White Design, and even using recycled material to create paintings and other art, which is another of Aaron’s specialties. It just goes to show that cool things happen and cool collaborations can be found in your own back yard, and we have a special back yard! Check out for more info, and let’s keep it up on the recycling front! We are so pleased with the response so far, as we are adding new customers every day, and ultimately keeping all of these recyclables out of the landfill and getting them back on shelves to be re-used again! Thanks for all the support people, and Spread the Word! We are the only provider of curbside recycling pick-up in the area, and we guarantee your recyclables end up being just that…  Recycled!

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The crazy tornado system that roared through Alabama last week has been on my mind a lot the past couple days. I was born and raised not too far from some of those places that were leveled. I went to school in Tuscaloosa. I know these people, and it’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to even sit down on the beach on such a beautiful weekend without feeling a little guilty in a way. Last night I had such a long, crazy dream that seemed to wind on and on, but the one common thread to it was the song Atlantic City, an old Springsteen tune..  It played throughout the whole dream it seemed like. Now the song itself was written about mafia gang-wars in Jersey, but the chorus has been ringing in my head all day – “Everything dies baby that’s a fact.. Maybe everything that dies someday will come back..  Put your make-up on, Put your hair up pretty, Meet me tonight in Atlantic City”..   I’ve read stories of families clinging to each other to the bitter end; parents losing their children; etc. It makes me imagine a Husband looking at his Wife, knowing that a storm is bringing their doom with it, and singing this to her, knowing also that they will meet again. I hope they all made it to AC…


I’ll be collecting clothes all month along with the usuals to donate to the people that will need them in Alabama. Thanks for your business!

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Mr. Hubert Sumlin

Some friends and I had the opportunity to play for the ceremony unveiling Hubert Sumlin’s Blues Trail Marker in Greenwood, Mississippi. I love playing music, and I love the Blues. So befriending Hubert and performing with him is one of the highlights of my life. He’s a special cat, and if your not sure who he is, put on a Howlin’ Wolf record and enjoy the guitar player who was Jimi Hendrix’s favorite, and mine too!

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