It seems like Winter passed us by very quickly again this year. If you could call it Winter, really. Which is just fine with us! The Sun is coming back out, the fish are biting, and the Spring Breakers are here.. Hooray!

We took a great trip to Costa Rica in February, a beautiful, peaceful country with a very evolved ecological mindset. I have to say that it is a bit disconcerting to see tiny, rural, and let’s face it, much poorer beach towns and villages with dedicated recycling programs, knowing how far behind we are all over the USA.  Including right here in South Walton. But we can change, and I believe it’s just a matter of awareness. We are already seeing the signs… Has everyone seen the new recycling bins and solar trash compactors at some of the beach accesses like Ed Walline? Pretty cool, huh?


We wish you all a great Equinox and a great Beach Season! Let’s get some of you signed up for Blu-Binz, and get recycling!

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures from Costa Rica!

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