Long, Hot Summer Night

Actually, the Summer has flown by here at Blu-Binz! There have been a few Long, Hot Summer Nights though. We got cranked up on the 1st of May, and it seems like we are about a month down the road. But the traffic has eased a bit, the pace is a bit slower, and so begins one of my favorite times of the year. Every year, there seems to be one day where I wake up and feel the first hint of Autumn, and its one of my favorite days all year. I haven’t felt it yet, but it’s coming soon I can tell. Football every weekend and many gigs to be played as well. This was a very memorable Summer for me, working really hard on this new recycling venture and playing hard every weekend.. It’s as busy as I’ve ever been, and I like it that way. With the help of all my customers, we have helped recycle approximately 2 tons of materials this Summer! I have learned a lot, met a lot of good people, and can’t wait to continue this operation as long as my services are needed. One thing is for sure, though.. There is Curbside Recycling in South Walton County! So here is some Jimi, just for fun!

A special thanks to everyone who has helped me out.. you know who you are!

And especially to the good people at the Walton County recycling center, who work very hard to assist me in this venture!

See you all this Fall!  JMT  B-B


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  1. aaron says:

    This Summer did fly by!! Glad it was a good one!