It is funny sometimes how like-minded individuals seem to find each other one way or another. When I first started visualizing the concept of Blu-Binz, one of my ground rules, so to speak, was that I would tap into the rich, talent-filled pool of locals to help turn my vision into a reality. This area is chock-full of very talented people who all seem to support each other in one way or another. It only makes sense to reach out to those in your own community, knowing that what comes around goes around. So I gave a call to Aaron Sutton, the man behind Pure White Designs. We had never met, but after our first phone conversation I felt like he was the man to help me out. Turns out I was right. We met up and it was an instant collaboration of ideas and concepts. Along with being an excellent design and web guru, Aaron is a Musician, Artist, Surfer and all-around good guy. When you see the cool Blu-Binz logos around town, or this funky web-site, you see a collaboration between Pure White and Blu-Binz. And we are not done yet! We are working with Pure White on many ideas such as creating a Greener office space, which you can find info on at Pure White Design, and even using recycled material to create paintings and other art, which is another of Aaron’s specialties. It just goes to show that cool things happen and cool collaborations can be found in your own back yard, and we have a special back yard! Check out purewhitedesign.com for more info, and let’s keep it up on the recycling front! We are so pleased with the response so far, as we are adding new customers every day, and ultimately keeping all of these recyclables out of the landfill and getting them back on shelves to be re-used again! Thanks for all the support people, and Spread the Word! We are the only provider of curbside recycling pick-up in the area, and we guarantee your recyclables end up being just that…  Recycled!

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  1. Aaron says:

    Well said man. The team effort has been awesome both ways. You opened me up to recycling as well which is something I needed to get into for sure. We are both “recycled” :). Can;t wait to see more. Hang loose