The crazy tornado system that roared through Alabama last week has been on my mind a lot the past couple days. I was born and raised not too far from some of those places that were leveled. I went to school in Tuscaloosa. I know these people, and it’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to even sit down on the beach on such a beautiful weekend without feeling a little guilty in a way. Last night I had such a long, crazy dream that seemed to wind on and on, but the one common thread to it was the song Atlantic City, an old Springsteen tune..  It played throughout the whole dream it seemed like. Now the song itself was written about mafia gang-wars in Jersey, but the chorus has been ringing in my head all day – “Everything dies baby that’s a fact.. Maybe everything that dies someday will come back..  Put your make-up on, Put your hair up pretty, Meet me tonight in Atlantic City”..   I’ve read stories of families clinging to each other to the bitter end; parents losing their children; etc. It makes me imagine a Husband looking at his Wife, knowing that a storm is bringing their doom with it, and singing this to her, knowing also that they will meet again. I hope they all made it to AC…


I’ll be collecting clothes all month along with the usuals to donate to the people that will need them in Alabama. Thanks for your business!

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